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Corporate Retirement Planning

“Fees not only negatively impact the plan as well
as the individual investor, they also negatively impact our
revenue, which is why we insist you pay the least.”
~ F. Patrick Cunnane, CIMA, AIFA® Managing Principal Masters Consulting Group

Corporate Retirement Plan Services

Masters Consulting Group understands what it takes to make your plan a success, while helping participants pursue their financial goals. We work closely with your company throughout the retirement planning process, helping to ensure your program reflects the unique characteristics of your business and your employees. Our plan services include:

1. Comprehensive Fee Analysis: Customized vendor searches (request for proposals) that begin with a consideration of all available vendors. Then, based on a broad, objective diagnostic, the search is narrowed to a select group of qualified candidates prior to ultimate selection.

2. Plan Design: Develop and maintain the plan’s investment strategy, which is codified in an investment policy.

3. Investment Selection and Ongoing Monitoring: Quarterly meetings with investment committees are held to discuss overall plan direction, risk and performance, fund-choice, and general market conditions affecting your company.

4. Age-Based Asset Allocation: We provide age-based asset allocation charts—updated quarterly—for all employees.

5. Group Education Meetings: Ongoing educational meetings provide plan participants easy to- understand market perspectives, investment advice and company fund choices.

6. Individualized Employee Guidance: Our fully licensed team meets one-on-one with employees on a regular basis to help ensure that each plan participant has the opportunity to leverage financial guidance to their best advantage.

7. Fiduciary Guidance: Regular updates are provided on fund monitoring, market conditions and ERISA compliance rules to help ensure that your fiduciary responsibility is being satisfied.